Queensland Water Reform

Unitywater is one of five water supply and sewerage service businesses established as part of the State Government’s South East Queensland (SEQ) Water Reform.

The establishment of the organisation was the final stage of the institutional restructure of the water industry that has been taking place under SEQ Water Reform since May 2007.

On 18 July 2009, the Queensland Government announced the final model for the establishment of new water supply and sewerage services distribution and retail entities in SEQ.

1 July 2010 saw the established three council-owned businesses (Allconnex, Queensland Urban Utilities or Unitywater) take over management of  the water distribution, wastewater services and billing systems/services to South East Queensland residents and businesses.

In April 2011, the SEQ councils were given a once-only decision to withdraw from their distributor retailer and return to operating their water and sewerage business within council.

Unitywater’s and Queensland Urban Utilities owner councils chose to retain the distributer-retailer structure while Allconnex’s owner councils, (Gold Coast City Council, Logan City Council and Redland City Council) chose to withdraw from their distributor-retailer and made this change on 1 July 2012.

Where does Unitywater fit into the water grid?

The SEQ water supply network shows the relationship between State Government and Council-owned authorities.


    Did You Know
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