6. Construction process 


  6.1 Pre-start meeting

Before any works commence on site, a pre-start meeting must be held. 

To organise the meeting, you must complete and lodge a Pre-Start Meeting Request Form (PDF) at least seven (7) business days prior to the intended pre-start meeting date.

The submission of the form can either be by email (preferred) or fax (07 5431 8233).

The cost to reschedule a pre-start meeting can be found in both Unitywater’s Fees and Charges Schedule.

If this meeting does not occur or any of the nominated representatives fail to attend, an additional fee will be charged.

Nominated representatives may include the:

  • consulting engineer responsible for the supervision of the construction activities;
  • contractor or sub-contractor (if not the principal contractor) responsible for the construction of the water supply and sewerage works;
  • principal contractor, only if water supply and sewerage works are to be constructed by a sub-contractor; 
  • Unitywater development inspector.

Prior to requesting the pre-start meeting you must:

  • Pay the Portable Long Service Leave:

    In accordance with the Building and Construction Industry (Portable Long Service Leave) Act 1991, all construction works that costs $80,000 or more attracts the payment of a levy. The levy is paid to the state government authority QLeave prior to the commencement of any works.

    Proof of payment of the Portable Long Service Leave levy must be provided with the request for pre-start meetings for all works estimated to cost $80,000 or more. The pre-start meeting will not be booked without the receipt of proof of payment of the Portable Long Service Leave levy where it is applicable.
  • Have all approvals from authorities including the local council;

    The council is the planning authority and as such, the developer must get the appropriate council approvals before commencing any construction activity.

    The developer must also get any other necessary approvals (such as a works-in-roads permit) before commencing construction.

    A copy of the relevant approvals must be submitted to Unitywater with the request for pre-start meeting request.

    Should the applicant fail to provide the necessary approvals, the applicant will then need to submit a written and signed statement as to the reasons why the approvals are not attached with the pre-start request form.

    The pre-start meeting will not be booked without copies of the necessary approvals.

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6.2 Works

After the pre-start meeting, the contractor will be able to commence the works.

Unitywater’s development inspectors will direct all enquiries to the consulting engineer who must provide full-time supervision of the works under construction.

The consulting engineer must also attend ‘milestone’ inspections jointly with the Unitywater development officers and the contractor. These inspections will be discussed during the pre-start meeting.

The works must be done in accordance with the approved design drawings and they must be available on the construction site at all times.
If during the works, variations to the approved plans occurs, the variation must be approved by Unitywater before the variation works are commenced.


The nature of the variation will be determined jointly between the consulting engineer and Unitywater’s development officer.

A Minor Variation will require a Minor Works Variation Request Form (PDF) to be completed.

A Major Variation will require an amendment to a condition of the connection approval and require the submission of amended plans, a completed Water Approval for Connection - Amendment Request Form (PDF) and requisite fees.

Please read our Connections Administration Manual (PDF) for more details about variations.

All construction hours and environmental controls relevant to the legislative requirements are to be adhered and enforced.

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7. Asset handover

Once the works are completed satisfactorily, Unitywater will take them over as part of its water supply and sewerage infrastructure.

Handover of water supply and sewerage infrastructure is facilitated by the consulting engineer.  An On-Maintenance Inspection Request Form (PDF) must be completed seven (7) business days before the intended on-maintenance inspection date and be accompanied by supporting documents, requisite fees and the maintenance bond.

For more information about, required supporting documentation and the maintenance bond, please refer to the Connections Administration Manual (PDF).

After Unitywater requirements are met and Unitywater is satisfied with the works, Unitywater will issue a ‘Certificate of Completion’.  This can then be given to Council to satisfy their development consent condition.

Once the Certificate of Completion is issued Unitywater will then connect the works to our networks.  In some instances Unitywater may permit the contractor to connect the works.  For this to occur please contact the nominated development officer for your works.

Applications for connection of a house or buildings will not be approved until the works are completed and accepted by Unitywater. 

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8. Defect liability

The defects liability period, commonly known as maintenance period, shall be for 12 months. 

There may be some circumstances where Unitywater decides that a longer period is necessary. If this does occur, it is usually detailed as a condition of the connections approval.

8.1 During the Defects Liability Period

Unitywater will operate the infrastructure during the defects liability period.

However, it is the developer’s responsibility to repair any faults that occur or become apparent during the defects liability period unless the faults are a direct result of negligence or incorrect operation by Unitywater staff.

Should failure occur to infrastructure constructed by the developer during the defect liability period, Unitywater will assess the risk and, depending on the level of the risk, either:

  1. advise the developer to rectify the failure within a specified time; or
  2. carry out the repairs (in an emergency situation) and invoice the developer to pay for the repair works carried out; or
  3. where live works are to be undertaken, only Unitywater can conduct these works, for which the developer is liable.

8.2 End of the defects liability period

When you are nearly towards the end of the 12 months you must request a final inspection.

It is the consulting engineer’s responsibility to ensure the works are ready for final acceptance by Unitywater. Any remedial works that may be necessary must be completed prior to the request for final inspection.

Request for the final inspection must be made by the consulting engineer by completing the Off-Maintenance Inspection Request Form (PDF).

The form must be submitted to Unitywater at least seven (7) business days before the intended final inspection date and be accompanied with the information detailed in the Connections Administration Manual (PDF).

The Manual also details who must be available at the final inspection.

The final inspection must be held on the constructed site.

If the development inspector is not satisfied that the works are to the required standard, the development officer will not accept the works. The contractor will then need to carry out remedial works and reschedule and pay for another final inspection meeting.

If the development inspector is satisfied the works are to an acceptable standard, the inspector will accept the works.

Within 20 business days of accepting the work, Unitywater will issue an ‘Acceptance Off-maintenance Certificate’ and release the maintenance bond.

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