3. Application process

Following is a step-by-step guide to the application process for connections, alterations to a connection, construction works approved in an earlier approval, or disconnection to Unitywater’s water supply and/or sewerage infrastructure.



 3.1 Application preparation

Step 1: Determine the type of connection area you are in:

Information required to accompany a connection application will vary depending on whether your development site is in a Connections Area, Restricted Connections Area and Future Connections Areas - see below:

Unitywater’s area has been divided into three areas:

  1. Connection Areas are areas of land that are:
    • mapped and separate areas for water supply, recycled water and sewerage services; and
    • connected to Unitywater’s infrastructure (water supply, sewerage and/or recycled water)
  2. Future Connection Areas are areas where Unitywater intends to extend its water supply and sewerage infrastructure. These areas are:
    • mapped and separate areas for water supply and sewerage; 
    • not connected with water and/or sewerage available (paying access charges); and 
    • consistent with the relevant council’s Planning Scheme’s urban zoning, Priority Infrastructure Areas and serviced approved development.
  3. Restricted Connection Areas are located outside the Priority Infrastructure Areas of either Moreton Bay Regional Council, Noosa Council or Sunshine Coast Regional Councils with water and/or sewerage available (paying access charges).

To find out which area you are located in please refer to the Connection Policy maps.

If you require further assistance to determine which area you are located within, please call Unitywater Customer Service on 1300 0 UNITY (1300 086 489) or email

Step 2: Select your application type:

Use the following descriptions to determine which applicaton type you are required to submit. For a more detailed guide on each application type, please review the Connections Policy (PDF) and Connections Administration Manual (PDF).

Three types of applications can be lodged with Unitywater:

  1. Standard Connection application. New - Apply Online!

    Standard Connection requests are now available online. Log in to My Account and select the My Requests tab where you will find Standard Connection requests.
    You can take advantage of making requests online anytime, anywhere simply by setting up a general sundry account. Setting up a sundry account is easy, please email us via our online request form or call 1300 0 UNITY (1300 086 489) weekdays 8.30am – 5pm. It just takes a few minutes and then you’re ready to go!
    Alternatively, you can complete the  Standard Connection Request Form (PDF).
    Unitywater’s criteria for Standard Connections must be met to apply for a Standard Connection for Water and/or Sewerage. An example is a new residential house located inside Unitywater’s connection area that requires a connection to water supply involving a 20mm or 25mm diameter water service and meter.

  2. Other Connection application. 
    This category covers any connection other than a Standard Connection or a Staged Connection. Example of an Other Connection application is where a new unit development is to be constructed. The proposed development can connect to the existing sewerage connection point without the need for an upgrade to the network. The development will require a large diameter water meter (e.g.100mm diameter meter) to provide the necessary domestic and fire flows. Please complete the Connection Application (other than Standard Connection) Form (PDF)                                                                                                                
  3. Staged Connection application
    This is where two or more applications and approvals are required for the connections. Unitywater will then assess the connections and if suitable, approve the application subject to conditions. You will then design the necessary water supply/sewerage works and make a subsequent Staged Connection application for each stage of the subdivision.

    An example of a Staged Connection is a proposed major subdivision (e.g. 500 lots). 

  Please complete: Connection Application (other than Standard Connection) Form (PDF)

Step 3: Provide all required documents to Unitywater:

To prevent any delay in processing your application, please prepare and submit the following documents for all connection applications:


Owners' consent

When lodging any connection application you must submit a completed application form along with written consent from all of the registered owners including details of the proposed development.

The owner’s consent also includes all owners of the land for which access is required to provide the connection. For example, if a sewerage connection is required and the nearest suitable sewerage main is located on property adjoining the land to be connected, written consent from the neighbouring land owner is required with the application.

Please note that if access is required on or through a road or other ‘publicly-controlled place’, such as a park, the written consent of the owner of the publicly-controlled place is not required for you lodge the application. However, separate approval to carry out work on the publicly-controlled place may still be required under other legislation before the connection can proceed. Please see comments above under Planning: Plan your development.

Required fees

Unitywater’s schedule of fees and charges is available online or a copy can be collected from our front counters at 8-10 Maud Street, Maroochydore or 33 King Street, Caboolture.

Unitywater staff can provide advice on which fees apply to your connection application.


Design plans for the works except for a standard property connection need to be submitted by a design engineer and must comply with our design standard and technical requirements.

Please go to the SEQ Water Supply and Sewerage Design and Construction Code website to obtain our design standard and technical requirements.

3.2 Lodge your application

Connection applications and fees may be lodged by:

  • Delivering the application by hand to Unitywater’s offices; or 
  • Posting the application to Unitywater, PO Box 953, Caboolture QLD 4510; or
  • Faxing the application to 07 5431 8288; or
  • Emailing the application to

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4. The Assessment Process

When an application is received, Unitywater undertakes the following process:

4.1 Review and referrals

Unitywater will review the connection application to make sure that the application is properly completed.

If the application is not properly completed Unitywater will send a letter advising you of what you need to do. The application will be placed on hold until the information is received.

Once the application is properly completed the application is then referred to a Development Services Officer and you will be sent an acknowledgement letter. The name and contact details of the allocated Development Services Officer will also be included in this letter.

4.2 External advice

In some instances it may be necessary for Unitywater to seek advice from other entities (e.g. Council) to avoid any potential conflicts between approvals, particularly in relation to conditions.

4.3 Assessment

During the assessment period, Unitywater officers may inspect the development site, liaise with applicants and Council, consider amendments to the design and complete a report with a recommendation to either: 

  • approve the connection application (with conditions); or
  • refuse the connection application (with reasons). 

The key issues that need to be reviewed by Unitywater when assessing a connection are set out in the Connections Policy (PDF).

4.4 Decision

A connection application lodged with Unitywater (including applications to amend consents, and applications for review and appeal of decision), can be decided (approved or refused) in three different ways:

Staff delegated authority

The Chief Executive Officer has delegated authority to particular Unitywater staff members to determine connection applications. The delegations are designed to provide an efficient and effective service to our customers, thereby minimising overall processing times.
Unitywater must provide the applicant with a decision notice within five (5) business days after the decision is made.

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5. Decision reviews, appeals and amendments

5.1 Decision review

If you are not satisfied with the determination of your connection application, you may request that Unitywater review the decision. This must be done within 30 business days after the day of the original decision.

A request for an internal review must be made in writing to Unitywater’s CEO and be accompanied with:

  • a statement of the grounds for seeking a review of the decision; and
  • supporting information to enable the reviewer to assess the request.

Once Unitywater has received your internal review application it has 15 business days or another period agreed to between Unitywater and yourself to make a decision.

Once the decision is made, Unitywater must provide you with its review decision within five (5) business days. If a review decision is not provided in this time, Unitywater is taken to have upheld the original decision.

During an internal review, any work under the approval cannot commence until the review is completed or withdrawn. However, you can request Unitywater (the reviewer) to agree to commencing works.  The reviewer can let works commence if they are satisfied the outcome of the review would not be affected if the work is started.

5.2 Decision appeal

Appealing a decision can only be undertaken after the internal review process is complete.

Once the internal review decision is issued, and the decision is not satisfactory, an appeal can be made to either the QLD Planning and Environment Court or the Building and Development Dispute Resolution committees.

All appeals are to be within the standard appeal period – 20 business days.

5.3 Condition Amendments

To request an amendment of a condition or conditions you must:

The amendment request application will be assessed against the same connection criteria as the category for the original connection application.

The amendment request is subject to the same decision timeframes as the original connection application (20 business days to make a decision and five (5) business days for Unitywater to send the decision to you).  

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