Maroochydore Coastal Sewerage System Upgrade

Project Summary

The Maroochydore Coastal Sewerage System serves the coastal strip from Alexandra Headland to the Maroochy River and includes the Maroochydore City Centre Priority Development Area.

The existing sewerage network has insufficient capacity to cope with the increased flows that will be delivered by catchment population growth. While the demand on Maroochydore’s sewerage network in 2015 is the equivalent of 35,000 people, this figure is forecast to rise to more than 56,000 in 2037.

Unitywater is upgrading the system to meet future demand and to improve its ability to cope with sewage flows in severe wet weather.

To increase the network’s capacity, Unitywater is building the following infrastructure:

  • a sewage pump      station at the site of the old Horton Park Golf Course car park
  • a sewer rising main      from Dalton Drive to connect to the existing sewer at the intersection of      Sunshine Motorway and Maroochydore Road.

This project will free up capacity in the existing Maroochydore Coastal Sewerage System as well as reduce the load on the wider Maroochydore sewerage network. At an estimated $15.9 million, this solution is the most efficient and cost-effective option.

Unitywater will keep all stakeholders informed of progress throughout the duration of the project.


Fast facts

Location Maroochydore 
Supplier Unitywater
Design Phase commencement

March 2015

Design Phase completion

December 2015

Construction commencement

February 2016

Construction completion

December 2017 


$15.9 million


More information

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Background and Details

The Maroochydore Coastal Sewerage System serves the coastal strip from Alexandra Headland to Maroochy River and includes the Maroochydore Priority Development Area. The existing sewerage trunk mains are:

  • Small diameter gravity reticulation and local small scale pumping stations draining to approx. 8 kilometres of trunk gravity main which was constructed in 1973 and which roughly follows Aerodrome Road from Alexandra Headland to the Maroochydore Sewage Treatment Plant
  • The south to north trunk sewer roughly parallel with the Sunshine Motorway.

Since 2010 the Maroochydore sewer network has experienced several sewage spills during extreme wet weather.

Unitywater has contracted M&K Pipelines to construct a new sewerage main from Dalton Drive to the intersection of the Sunshine Motorway and Maroochydore Road. The sewerage main will be completed in three stages using a combination of trenching and drilling.

Stage 1: October 2016 to April 2017

Stage 1 of the project involves drilling from the corner of the vacant block at 95-105 Dalton Drive (beside Lexus of Maroochydore), beneath the footpath and under Maroochy Boulevard, to the easement at the corner of Sunshine Cove Way and Macleay Lane.

A drill rig will be positioned at each end of the drill path. Prior to the pipe being pulled through the tunnel, onlookers will see the full length of pipe laid out along the footpath on Dalton Drive.

Hydraulic drilling is an effective method of preventing disruption to major roads. Noise attenuation curtains will be used to minimise the noise impact on adjacent residents and businesses.

Stage 1 also involves trenching from the bridge on the western side of Cornmeal Creek, through the Sunshine Cove Estate’s vacant land, along Allora Drive to the intersection of Millwell Road. We will drill underneath the roundabout at Millwell Road and resume trenching on the other side along the footpath to Maroochydore Road.

Stage 2: January to May 2017

Stage 2 involves trenching from Maroochy Boulevard through the easement to Macleay Lane, and along the left hand side of the footpath to the intersection of St Helena Street. Trenching will continue along St Helena Street, through the vacant land through the roundabout at the corner of Cheyenne Way and Sunrise Drive, and along Cheyenne Way to Cornmeal Creek.

The pipe will cross Cornmeal Creek, either on the creek bed or attached to the Sunshine Cove Estate’s proposed future bridge.


Stage 3: February to April 2017

Stage 3 of the works will connect the new pipeline by drilling from Allora Drive under Maroochydore Road, to the existing pipeline adjacent to the sewage pump station near the Sunshine Motorway and Maroochydore Road intersection.


Unitywater will communicate details of the staged works to all stakeholders at the project continues. We thank everyone for their patience and understanding as we complete this important infrastructure upgrade.


    Did You Know
  • Approximately one pool in every 20 has a leak! Even a minor leak can result in a major water loss.  Under pressure a tiny leak can lose more than 3000 litres a day.