Meter Replacement Program

Meter replacement program 

As part of our commitment to maintaining infrastructure and providing a reliable and safe water supply, Unitywater identifies and replaces water meters when they are nearing the end of their life cycle at no additional cost to our customers.

Water meters are mechanical devices that wear with age and usage and we replace these meters and valves as part of our general maintenance program.

Meters are replaced by licensed plumbers on behalf of Unitywater. They are identified by ID cards and vehicle signage.

Customers will receive a notification brochure in their letterbox advising that Unitywater will be in their area within the next 10 working days to replace the meter. It is not necessary to be present at the time the meter is being replaced.

Water supply will be interrupted while the water meter is being replaced. In most cases water supply will be interrupted for less than one hour.

Following meter replacement, the plumber will leave a 'We’ve Completed the Work' card in the letterbox which records the meter reading of the old meter. We recommend customers keep this card, along with your normal meter reading card, for reference when you receive your next Unitywater bill.

Disturbance of soil and pipes during water meter replacement may cause temporary discolouration of water for a short period. If this occurs turn on the tap nearest to ground level (usually an outside tap) and let it run for up to five minutes until water runs clear. This costs less than 25 cents and on average uses less than 125 litres of water.

If water remains discoloured, please contact us.


Download: Water Meter Replacement Fact Sheet (PDF)






Meter replacement program

Old domestic meters

Meter replacement program

Old and new meter from the replacement program






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