Leakage Reduction Program

Project summary

Conducting a leakage reduction program across our water supply network reduces water losses and helps ensure we deliver a safe and reliable water supply and defer expensive network upgrades.

Our leakage reduction program involves conducting ongoing testing for leaks, confirming pressure levels within the water supply network, and testing its ability to perform on demand if emergency services need to use fire hydrants.

In July 2013 Unitywater began using TaKaDu software package which provides real-time knowledge and alerts about inefficiencies, water loss and other concerns about the water supply network. It enables a cost effective location of hidden leaks by identifying unusual trends or anomalies within the network.

TaKaDu monitors Unitywater’s water supply network in sections called District Metered Areas (DMAs), each comprising between 1800 and 5000 customer connections. Unitywater plans to have 90% of our water supply network monitored in DMAs by mid-2017.

In conjunction with remote monitoring, Unitywater crews conduct a program of testing for leaks, inspecting valves during the day and testing water pressure at night.


Fast facts

Location Various locations across Sunshine Coast, Noosa and Moreton Bay regions.


Regularly maintaining our water network by testing for leaks and confirming pressure levels across the network delivers a range of benefits:

  • saves money and the environment by minimising the water wasted through undetectable leaks;
  • helps prevent burst mains, which means fewer interruptions to supply for our customers and less water loss;
  • helps defer the need for expensive infrastructure upgrades, and
  • tests the network’s ability to perform on demand in case of a fire.



Unitywater Leakage Reduction program uses the TaKaDu App 

TaKaDu software provides real-time knowledge and alerts about inefficiencies, water loss and other concerns about the water supply network.


Leakage Program_Locating surface noise for leak detection

Locating surface noise for leak detection: Our teams use a ground microphone to help identify surface noise to accurately identify a location for an excavation.

Leakage program_ Pinpointing the location of a leak

When a sound is identified using a the acoustic listening sticks, a correlation is carried out to pinpoint the location of the leak causing the noise. This is done using sensors which listen for constant noise on the network and filter out sporadic noise such as usage.

Leakage Program_Detection of missing assets

Detection of missing assets: Assets are sometimes buried under tarmac, vegetation or paving. During maintenance works we try and locate these missing assets, using metal detectors.


    Saving Tips
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