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Standard Testing

Rainwater tank, bore and dam water testing for human consumption do not require a quote.

Complete the Water Testing Application Form for rainwater tanks, bores and dams and pay the relevant fee.

If your testing requirements differ from that listed in the application form, contact the laboratory to discuss requirements prior to making the payment.

Payments in person can only be made at Unitywater Customer Service Centres, over the phone via credit card on 1300 0 UNITY (1300 086 489) or by emailing your completed form to

The responsibility for sampling for standardised tests rests with the customer. Bottles, sterile containers and instructions can be collected from Unitywater Customer Service Centres or posted on payment of the applicable fee. Find out more about preparing and submitting samples.

Customised Quotes

The laboratory can provide a customised quote to meet your testing requirements. 

  • Repeat customers who require testing other than the standard testing above will need to complete the quote form or contact  Unitywater on 1300 086 489 or to discuss your requirements.
  • For customers who require ongoing analysis, a customer account can be established. For one-off testing, pre-payments can be arranged or a bill can be issued.

Please fill in the following form and a laboratory representative will contact you with your quote.

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NOTE: Unitywater does not provide specialised protozoan analysis (e.g. Entamoeba histolytica, Giardia cysts or Cryptosporidium oocycts) as these tests are undertaken by only a few laboratories in Australia. If your query is in regards to one of these specialised analyses, please contact your local health authority.

For further details on our laboratory services and how we can assist with your analytical requirements please contact  Unitywater on 1300 086 489 or


    Saving Tips
  • Toilet Tip #2

    If you do not already have one, install a dual flush toilet and you will save up to 9L of water every time you use the half flush.