Budgeting for your bills, your way.

Smoothpay makes budgeting for your bills easy by enabling you to pay your annual bill amount in fortnightly or monthly instalments spread evenly over the year.

Plus, it has other great features to assist you, and it’s quick and easy to set up in My Account!

Smoothpay features

We calculate your payment amount We estimate of the total amount required to cover your bills for the next 12 months, based on your bill history, then divide this into fortnightly or monthly instalment amounts.
You choose fortnightly or monthly You select the instalment option to suit you.
Pay by your preferred method

You can pay your instalments by using any of the convenient payment options listed on your bill.

Convenient e-billing

We send your bill by email or SMS every quarter.


If your total payments are less than your actual charges, you don't have to pay any outstanding amount due on your bill, and we won't charge you interest on overdue amounts.

Refunds are available if you overpay If your account is in credit at the end of each 12 month period, you can request a refund. Otherwise, the credit amount will be included in the calculation of your payment amount for the next 12 months.
Pay off existing debt up to $500 We will include any existing overdue amount up to $500 in the calculation of your payment amount when you set up Smoothpay.
Annual review We review your account every 12 months to make sure your payment amount is covering your bills and advise you if you need to change it.
No additional fees or charges You don’t pay more by using Smoothpay.



 Read the Smoothpay Terms and Conditions to find out more

















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