Water Checklist


How to keep your water use in check

Our three main tips to find out how much water your property uses:

  1. Conduct a water audit (see below 10 Ways to Enjoy Water Responsibly)
  2. Read your water meter (click here to see how)
  3. Understand your water bill and meter readings (click here to see how).

Ten ways to enjoy water responsibly

A simple audit like this one below can help you find out what you can do to keep your use in check.

  1. Monitor your daily water usage and check for hidden leaks with My Usage Tracker online in My Account
  2. Use a cover on your pool or spa
  3. Take short showers
  4. Turn off the tap while brushing teeth
  5. Run washing machine and dishwasher only when full
  6. Scrape plates clean instead of rinsing
  7. Install water-efficient devices and a rainwater tank
  8. Water gardens and lawns in cool times of the day
  9. Choose drought-tolerant plant and lawn species
  10. Use a broom instead of the hose to clean driveways and footpaths.

See more tips on how to enjoy your water responsibly - visit our Saving water page.

Take action!

  • Register for My Account to access your Unitywater account online 24 hours a day, seven days a week. My Account allows you to track your usage between bills and check previous meter read details.
  • Access your My Usage Tracker online tool to compare your current daily usage with your previous bills. It provides you with a personalised graph that gives you an instant view of how much water is being consumed.
  • Sign up for e-billing to access your bills 24/7 from wherever you are. You can also receive and store your bills in one convenient location and check your consumption history.
  • Follow Unitywater on Facebook for updates on possible service interruptions and suggestions for other ways you can keep your water use in check.

Suspected leaks or broken pipes

What you should do and who to contact

Private property: As the property owner, you are responsible for monitoring and controlling water usage on your property. 

For suspected leaks on private property, contact a licensed plumber to investigate.
Public property: Unitywater is responsible for fixing leaks on public property, such as roads or burst water mains.

If you notice a leak on public property, please contact Unitywater on 1300 0 UNITY (1300 086  489).


    Saving Tips
  • Watering Tip #1

    The best time to water the garden is in the cooler time of early morning or late evening where there is less water loss from evaporation.