Creekside Greening

Unitywater’s Creekside Greening Program is an environmental initiative to support the health of our region’s waterways.

We partner with our councils, schools and local community and bushcare groups to revegetate public spaces with native seedlings.

To date, we’ve planted more than 12,000 seedlings at various sites across the Sunshine Coast and Moreton Bay.

The plantings create vegetation buffers along rivers and wetlands to filter runoff before it enters the waterways, and also provide habitats for fauna.

Our most recent Creekside Greening event was held at Pine Rivers Wetland Reserve on 29 July 2016.


Creekside Greening, Maleny, June 2016  

Creekside Greening, Pine Rivers, September 2015



    Saving Tips
  • Gardening Tip #1

    Save water in the garden by using plants that have low water needs.  Alternatively, group plants with similar watering needs together. Also, remove weeds from the garden; they are competing for water with your plants.