Property sales

You are now able to update your address details or apply for a search certificate easily by logging into My Account.

In the future, property sales activities will only be available through My Account. In the interim, if you are buying or selling a property, here are the tools and information you and your conveyancing solicitor need to make sure your property’s settlement and change of ownership is a smooth as possible.

Basic information for buyers and sellers
Find out what happens with water and sewerage charges when you buy or sell a property...
Moving or changing address
Use this handy online form to submit your change of address details, or call us if you prefer.
Apply for a Unitywater Search Certificate
How to apply and use a Search Certificate and Special Meter Reading
Settlement Payment Calculator
Use this calculator for your settlement and interest payment.
Unitywater fees and charges
View our current fees and charges.
    Saving Tips
  • Kitchen Tip #1

    Save water in the kitchen by scraping plates clean instead of rinsing them under running water, not using running water to thaw food, and by soaking your pots and pans rather than scrubbing them under running water.