Reading your meter

You can find out how much water you are using by reading your water meter (PDF). Your meter is usually found at ground level near the front border of your property, inside a meter box or it may be above ground.

There are several different types of meters used across the region. Further information on reading different models of water meter.

The black numbers on your water meter represent kilolitres (one kilolitre equals 1000 litres and it is the unit of measurement we use for your water account). The red numbers on your water meter - or numbers on dials - represent litres.

Reading your water meter regularly and keeping a simple record of your water use can help you alter your habits to suit your budget. Download our water usage record (PDF) for keeping track of your water use.

Water leaks

Your water meter can also help you detect possible water leaks.

If the last dial on your meter is spinning and you aren’t aware of any water being used, you probably have a water leak. You should contact a licensed plumber as soon as possible to repair the leak.

Read more about checking for leaks.

    Saving Tips
  • Watering Tip #1

    The best time to water the garden is in the cooler time of early morning or late evening where there is less water loss from evaporation.