Redcliffe Sewage Treatment Plant rehabilitation works

The Redcliffe Sewage Treatment Plant (STP), located in the suburb of Clontarf on the Redcliffe Peninsula, services residents and businesses from the suburbs of Rothwell, Kippa-Ring, Redcliffe, Clontarf, Scarborough, Margate and Woody Point.

Unitywater commenced operation of the STP on 4 June 2012. Soon afterwards we began remediation works at the facility in order to provide a safe working environment for the operators and to ensure long term reliability of equipment.

Looking beyond the initial remediation works, Unitywater’s Board approved plans to rehabilitate the STP under a Design, Build, Operate and Maintain model.

After the completion of a tendering process and evaluation period, in January 2015 Unitywater appointed TRILITY Pty Ltd to undertake the rehabilitation of the Redcliffe STP and to operate it on Unitywater’s behalf until 2022.

TRILITY is an established industry leader, solely dedicated in the delivery of water, wastewater and reuse solutions across Australia’s municipal and industrial sectors.

Objectives of the Redcliffe STP rehabilitation

The proposed rehabilitation of the Redcliffe STP aims to:

  • renew assets to ensure the STP has the capacity, serviceability and performance to meet the needs of the Redcliffe Peninsula communities
  • operate the STP to ensure we continue to meet our environmental obligations 
  • maintain treatment capacity equivalent to a community of 70,000 people until 2026.

While TRILITY Pty Ltd will operate and maintain the STP, Unitywater remains the holder of the Environmental Licence.

History of Redcliffe STP

1959 Original sewage treatment plant at Redcliffe constructed
2000 Most recent upgrade carried out by Redcliffe City Council as part of a design, build and operate contract which used a contractor to construct the upgrade with the intention to then operate the STP until 2016
2000-2012 STP operated by contractor engaged by the former Redcliffe City Council
June 2012 Unitywater commenced operating the plant and set about replacing and refurbishing elements of the plant to ensure the long term reliability of equipment.
September 2012 Unitywater submitted a draft Transitional Environmental Program to the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection documenting the actions being completed on site and committing to undertake detailed odour monitoring and assessment as well as developing an upgrade strategy to ensure long term compliance
January 2013 Department of Environment and Heritage Protection approved the Transitional Environmental Program
February 2013 Unitywater commenced a program of works to clean and refurbish major process units including the primary clarifiers and bioreactors
March 2013 Comprehensive odour sampling carried out at the STP to be used as the basis for odour dispersion modelling and determining the odour control infrastructure required as part of the rehabilitation works
June 2013 Unitywater engaged with the community on the rehabilitation works
December 2013 Unitywater Board approved the rehabilitation project. Unitywater held industry briefing session to highlight the project expectations
April 2014 Prequalified Tenderers selected
November 2014 Tenders received
January 2015 Redcliffe STP rehabilitation contract awarded to TRILITY Pty Ltd



Fast facts

Location 257 Duffield Road, CLONTARF
Commencement date January 2015
Completion date



Trility Pty Ldt


Estimated $28.6 million in capital works


Existing Redcliffe Sewage Treatment Plant

Existing Redcliffe Sewage Treatment Plant

Redcliffe Sewerage Catchment Map

Redcliffe Sewerage Catchment Map

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